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Whether you prefer the classic Roman shade folds or the hobbled Roman shade, we’ve got your fabric shades covered. With a vast selection of hundreds of fabrics, finding your perfect style is a breeze.

You can even opt for custom shades made from your own material, and don’t forget about the available privacy and blackout liners.

Our control systems include these versatile options:

  • Standard Cord-Lock
  • Continuous Cord-Loop
  • Cordless


Solar shades are intelligently crafted to block UV rays and excessive heat while preserving your scenic view. Perfectly suited for common areas like living rooms and sunrooms, where you cherish the beauty outside your windows. Choose from a wide range of valance options to conceal the roll and mounting brackets, achieving a sleek and polished appearance.

With an extensive selection of fabrics and colors, you’ll be spoiled for choice, and rest assured, we’ll find the perfect match for you. For bedrooms seeking enhanced privacy, our roller shades are an ideal solution. Offering a variety of materials, from light filtering to blackout, we have the perfect roller shade to complement your unique style.

woven wood shades

Elevate the charm of your windows with the rustic allure of woven wood shades. Embodying the elegance of fabric roman shades, these woven wonders boast the same delightful folds and versatile control system options.

Intriguingly, instead of traditional cloth fabrics, we embrace the beauty of woven wood materials, creating a unique and natural look. Our collection features top-quality woven wood roman shades from renowned brands like Horizons, Hunter Douglas, and Graber, ensuring you experience the very best in window furnishings. Transform your living space with these exquisite shades and bring a touch of nature indoors.

cellular shades

Discover the beauty of cellular shades, renowned for their exceptional insulation and effortlessly sleek, out-of-sight stack when open. If your windows bask in prolonged direct sunlight, these shades could be the perfect solution for you, ensuring optimal comfort and temperature control.

Not only do they excel at keeping your space cool in sunny spots, but they also work wonders in combating cold areas. As with our other shades, you’ll have the choice of standard cord-lock, continuous cord-loop, and cordless control options, tailoring the functionality to your preference.

Dive into a plethora of color and pleat size options, and rest assured, I am confident we’ll find the ideal cellular shade that perfectly complements your unique style. Experience the magic of these versatile shades and transform your living space into a haven of comfort and elegance.

sheer shades

Hunter Douglas Sheer Shades

The enduring popularity of sheer shades is a testament to their unmatched versatility and practicality. These shades offer a seamless balance of elegance and functionality, providing you with a wide range of light control options to suit every room’s unique needs. Whether you seek soft, diffused light to create a tranquil ambiance in your bedroom or desire the flexibility to adjust brightness levels in your living room, sheer shades have you covered.

The combination of delicate fabric vanes and sheer panels allows sheer shades to filter sunlight gracefully, reducing glare while maintaining a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. They effortlessly elevate the aesthetic appeal of any space while simultaneously ensuring your privacy. Perfect for complementing modern and traditional interior designs alike, sheer shades lend a touch of sophistication and sophistication to your windows. Embrace the timeless allure of sheer shades and transform your living spaces into havens of beauty and comfort.

Exterior shades

Patio shades • porch shades


Cut down on the intense afternoon sun so you can get more enjoyment from your outdoor spaces! We offer exterior shades for your porch or patio. Reduce UV rays, cut down on glare, and enjoy cooler, shady temperatures while still enjoying your view.

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BelleVue™ Shades
from Norman®

Inspired by the cascading forms of a roman shade combined with the versatility of a blind, Bellevue™ offers new ways to experience open views – a captivating twist to illuminate your style. Sleek tailoring is paired with an innovative duel-option lift technology. Bellevue™ puts a fresh spin on traditional shades – super soft while totally adjustable. For whatever the decor, Bellevue™ gracefully hits the mark between modern chic and practical function.

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