Fauxwoods ∙ Realwoods ∙ Metal Mini Blinds


With a variety of blind options, we are sure to have the perfect solution for your home. Blinds are a great way to offer an adjustable sunlight blocking solution while offering a crisp finishing touch for your windows. From real wood blinds, aluminum styles, or faux wood finishes, we can provide a blind solution tailored to fit your needs and your home’s style.

Faux or Real Wood Blinds

This is the most popular category due to the low cost and light control options. Easily tilt the slats up or down to control light and privacy. You can get the fauxwood version which consist of a pvc material made to withstand the elements or you can go with real woods which are much lighter making them easier to lift. Both styles can be made with cordless lift and decorative cloth tape. There are decorative valance options to choose from as well.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

Traditional 1″ metal mini blinds are also available in numerous colors to fit any decor style. Very lightweight and easy to lift, mini blinds are a great solution for a less expensive blind option. Additionally, aluminum mini blinds can be inside-mounted in almost any window, making them a versatile option suited to a wide variety of window sizes and configurations.