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We offer custom curtains to fit any slider. From butterfly pleats to grommet drapes we can do it all, including traverse rods, wood rings, metal pole kits. You can select from a large variety of fabrics from Outdura, Horizon & Grabers.

Outdura Drape Fabrics


natural folding drapes

Natural Folding Drapes

With the same materials used on wovenwoods, natural folding drapes are a version that moves left to right. Makes for an excellent treatment for a sliding glass door.

vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

I know vertical blinds have a bad reputation but if used properly they can last a long time. Verticals, like horizontal blinds, offer all those light and privacy control options you are looking for. Like everything else there are a ton of fabrics and colors to choose from and you will not spend a fortune.

sliding panels

Sliding Panels

Panels slide on a track and overlap each other as it opens. You can match your solar shade fabrics and keep your view or pick a light filtering fabric for more privacy.

roller shades

Roller Shades

There is nothing wrong with putting a roller shade on a slider if it works for your situation. I have used them many times. You can see the blackout roller shade I put on a slider in the image above.

vertical cellular shades

Vertical Cellular Shades

Both Graber and Norman offer vertical sliding cellular shades for sliders. Same color options available we are just moving it left to right instead of up and down. A great solution for any sliding glass door.

Shutters Over Sliders

Bi-Fold Shutter

The bi-fold option allows for more of a view and stacks out of the way against the wall.

Bi-Pass Shutter

These panels overlap, leaving the stationary side always covered. Perfect if you have little to no wall space.

One Way Bi-Fold

The one way bi-fold will get the shutter away from the handle and folds on top of itself for a minimal stack.