Maintenance Program

Sign up and receive our window treatment cleaning service at a 20% discount if cleanings are scheduled at least once every two years.

With experience in the Outer Banks service industry for over 15 years, I know how abusive renters can be to your home. Window treatments are no exception. SunnySide Blinds offers annual window treatment checkups. We will thoroughly go over each blind, make sure it is functioning properly, and make necessary repairs as needed. We also lubricate all moving parts to keep the blinds operating as smoothly as possible.

Take the hassle and worry out of your blinds and shades maintenance and let SunnySide Blinds keep your window treatments looking like new year after year.

There is an annual fee of $75.00 to enroll in this program.

Thank you for the opportunity!

Owner/Operator Drew Hilbert

Cell: (252) 619-1944

Office: (252) 715-6441

[email protected]